ALLY WEEK! October 18 – 22

It’s important to be a good ally, and GLSEN has a great site up for ally week. Take a peek, and pass the word!

Take the Ally pledge!

Take Action

Ally Week is dedicated to identifying, supporting and celebrating Allies against anti-LGBT bullying and harassment. And how do you find Allies? You TAKE ACTION!

Here are a few ways you can participate in Ally Week. From speedy pledges to longer organizing activities, this list provides ways that everyone can contribute. Find one that works for you.

Take the ALLY PLEDGE! It only takes a minute and demonstrates your support against anti-LGBT bullying and harassment.

Register your Ally Week event – SIGN UP HERE
Students and GSAs are strongly encouraged to register for GLSEN’s Ally Week in order to receive free resources and to help us determine the total number of schools and students taking part. You can also contact a student organizer from the Jump-Start leadership team for support.

Organize an Ally Week Action: A great way to take action is by organizing the Ally Week action at your school. With this action you’ll identify Allies in your school or community, get people to sign the Ally Pledge, and collect email addresses for future organizing. You’ll need to download all three documents below to get started.

  • Ally Week Action instructions
  • Ally Week Pledge Form
  • Ally Week Pledge Card template
  • Ally Week Organizing Manual
    This easy-to-read manual has everything you need to start planning Ally Week at your school, including organizing tips, activity ideas and more! Download the manual – 18 pages [pdf 765kb]

    10 Things You Can Do for Ally Week
    This quick guide has helpful ideas for your Ally Week. Whether you have lots of time to plan or only a few hours, there are activities here for everyone! Click to download.

    Ally 101 Workshop Guide
    Facilitating an Ally 101 workshop is a great way to encourage people to act as Allies to LGBT students in your school. Use this guide to help you facilitate your own workshop to engage participants in activities that will get them thinking critically about where they stand as allies and how they can become better allies to LGBT people. Download the PDF here.

    Allied Clubs Meeting Guide
    One of the best ways to increase the number of Allies at your school is by building coalitions with other student clubs. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to have your own meeting to build a coalition of allied clubs in your school. Download the PDF here.

    Sample Letters
    Administration – Write a letter to your school?s administration requesting support for Ally Week. Download WORD.doc
    School Clubs – Send a request support from student clubs at your school. Download WORD.doc
    Email to Participants – Send an email to people you know asking them to be allies. Download WORD.doc
    Get Support
    Connect with other students on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Share your ideas about Ally Week and learn what others are doing to make safe schools everywhere. Get in on the conversation here:


  • Gay-Straight Alliances
  • Ally Week Event page
  • Day of Silence




  • GLSEN Jump-Start Guide
    GLSEN created this resource for new and already-established Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) or similar clubs. There are eight separate guides that will take you through the process of establishing or re-establishing your group, identifying your mission and goals, and assessing your school’s climate. To see a more detailed description of the Jump-Start Guides and to download copies, click here.

    Check out more awesome resources on the Get Stuff page.


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