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The We Got Your Back Project

This project was born of wanting to make sure everyone’s voice is heard, especially for those LGBTQIA youth who need to hear that it will get better, that it will not always be so hard, so rough to get out of bed some mornings and face the taunting, the hate and the hard work of getting through the day. We encourage our trans gender, bisexual, and especially people of color to contribute to this project. We are not seeking money from anyone to do this project. If you are not comfortable contributing your story, but would like to support organizations that rely on donations, please see the links section for organizations we recommend that you support. We are doing this because we were moved by the plight of our youth who are turning to suicide as an option. We are doing this so that these young people know that eventually, life will improve. We know everyone’s life isn’t a fairy tale or that you were welcomed with open arms when you came out, but we also know that for every person who comes out to roses and love, there are scores of others that are met with resistance, hate and violence even from the people that raised them and their friends.

We hope that by sharing your stories that we can encourage our youth, let them know that suicide, is not your only option when things are hard, when people taunt you, kick you or worse. We want you to know that someone who cares and more importantly that’s been through what you’re dealing with and has come out the other side is giving you strength in their words, and in doing so helping you to get through it.