About The Project

Growing up LGBTQIA isn’t easy, but we’ve got your back.  The “We Got Your Back Project” is collecting stories that show it’s possible to survive middle school and high school and go on to live a wonderful, happy life.  We are asking LGBTQIA people and our allies to submit a video or statement explaining how your life has gotten better since high school.  We want to give LGBTQIA young people some hope with the knowledge that whoever they are, we’ve got their back.

We decided to start this project, despite its similarity to Dan Savage’s “Its Gets Better” Project because we  want to  make sure everyone’s voice is heard.  This is not an effort to compete with the “It Gets Better Project” but to supplement it.  We encourage trans gender, bisexual, and especially people of color to contribute to this project.  Racism, transphobia, and biphobia  within our community can be as damaging to LGBTQIA youth as bullying.  We hope that this project is a part of creating an LGBTQIA community that respects all of us.    Gay, lesbian, bi, trans, intersex, all races, all classes, people with disabilities and the currently able-bodied – the power of our community is that we include people from all walks of life.  We need to have each other’s back.

If you are not comfortable contributing your story, but would like to support organizations that are working to support LGBTQIA youth, please see the links section for organizations we recommend that you support.

Thank you in advance for your support for this project and most importantly, for our youth.


Joy E. & Tanya D.

The “We’ve Got Your Back Project”


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  4. Thank you. ❤

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