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Reminder – Submissions wanted! Accepted and given a good home here

Just a reminder folks, that the WGYB Project can’t succeed without your stories! If you have a written contribution, or a video you’d like to contribute to the project, please contact us at: wegotyourbackproject@gmail.com

Also, note that October 15th is not a submission deadline, but when we would like to start posting contributed content on the site! So send us your words, videos, and most of lend your voice to this project!

A repost of the Submission Guidelines are below:

Hello everyone!

Now that word is spreading about this project, we really need your stories! We’ll begin posting stories on October 15th.  We are accepting videos, and written statements that share how the lives of LGBTQIA people get better when we have each others back.  Give some hope with LGBTQIA youth by telling them how your own life improved.  Please submit a blog post via email or a link to your uploaded/embedded video to: wegotyourbackproject@gmail.com

We are encouraging authors of color, bisexual and transgender folks to share their stories in print or via a video message. We want to ensure that your voices are heard, and that you can be the voice that touches a youth in distress.  We hope that this project is a part of creating an LGBTQIA community that respects all of us.  We need to have each other’s back.
Submission Guidelines are as follows:

Post Length: 2,500 maximum. (Please note, longer posts may be broken up into several posts on the project)

Videos: Please keep videos to no more than 8 minutes maximum. If you have a video on YouTube or Vimeo, please submit a link to the video and a brief description.

Language: Feel free to use adult language, however please warn for swearing or other adult and/or potentially triggering language in your post at the beginning. If you do share potentially triggering material, we ask that you use the “more” tag to put it behind a cut.