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Some stats on bullying & lgbtq youth

While doing more reading and searching for articles to mention/link to here, I came across the following statistics from Campus Pride:Q Research Institute for Higher Education‘s 2010 Campus Climate study.(1) *Stats listed below taken from the CNN.comm article, “Why did Tyler Clementi Die?”

— Twenty-three percent of staff, faculty, and students who identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual or questioning (LGBQ) were more likely to experience harassment (defined as any conduct that interfered with the ability to work or learn) compared to heterosexuals. Eighty-three percent identified sexual identity as the basis of the harassment.

— Thirty-nine percent of transgender students, faculty and staff experienced harassment, with 87 percent identifying their gender identity/expression as the basis for the harassment. The form of the harassment experienced by transgender people was more overt and blatant, according to the report.

— Thirty-three percent of LGBQ and 38 percent of transgender students, faculty and staff have seriously considered leaving their institution due to the challenging climate.

— Forty-three percent of LGBQ and 63 percent of transgender faculty, students and staff hide their sexual identity.

— Forty-three percent of all transgender students, faculty and staff and 13 percent of LGBQ respondents feared for their physical safety. This finding was more pronounced for LGBQ students and for LGBQ and/or transgender people of color.

I bolded the last part above because I think that there is still a lack of understanding of LGBTQ issues amongst and regarding people of color. That is one of the reasons we started this project, so that everyone can be heard, and no one will feel as if their story isn’t welcome or will be lost amongst the masses.

Please, take note of these disturbing statistics and make your voice heard, be it in word or by video, we need your stories to make this project a success.

(1) – You can purchase a copy of the study from QIRHE, at their site.